Velp - Italy DK6 六位消解机

  • 制造商: VELP
    Model: DK6
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Heating speed 20 - 420oC for 30 minutes

On the temperature: + /-0.5oC

Temperature uniformity: + /-0.5oC

Temperature accuracy: + /-0.5oC

There the temperature control block colored when heated.

At the end of the sample will break alarm by sound and picture shown on film.

System can be connected to pump gas and neutralizing acid in the process of breaking patterns (Model: SMS Scrubber & JP)

Power: 1100W

Weight: 10kg

Dimensions (WHD): 293x152x339mm

Voltage: 220 - 240V/50 - 60Hz


06 colored tubes 42x300mm (test tubes)

Sample tube rack 01 out 06 seats (Glassware handle with heat shields)

01 sets out the cover model (suction cap)

01bo hold (support system for DK6)


The material is made of steel frame and covered with a cellular coating specifically designed to combat the corrosive chemicals and anti-friction.

LCD screen displays 02 lines of 16 characters

Number of samples: 06 tubes Th42x300mm

The display temperature and time remaining.

Can select the temperature units in oC or oF

Setting the temperature and time out form by the program processor temperatures up to 450oC

There are 20 programs, choose one of five different languages ​​I, UK, F, E, D. can work continuously

Installation time: 001 to 999 minutes or continuous.

Auto calibration temperature by adjustment of the machine software.

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