YuYang YY1022 Xenon Weathering Aging Test Chamber

  • 制造商: YuYang
    Model: YY1022
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


Test compartment temperature control: 30~70°C;Resolution: 0.1 °C

Humidity control test: humidity:10-75% RH, humidity fluctuations ± 3% RH; dark cycle :10-95% RH, humidity fluctuate ± 5% RH;

Time control experiments: 0min~999:59h,Accuracy ± 1min

Irradiance control: 1.00-1.30W/m2/420nm Accuracy: ± 0.02 W/m2/420nm;digital set, automatic compensation.

Control and monitoring wavelength: Optional 340nm, 420nm ,300-400nm ,300-800nm band

Xenon arc lamp power: 2.5KW

Sample holder rotation speed: 1rpm can be set

Diameter distribution of sample clip: φ500mm

Maximum exposure area: 3500cm2

Sample holder can be mountedwith the number of dimensions: 145 × 75mm model 25; 145 × 45mm model 35

Timing of each sample holder respectively: ≤10000h

Sunlight cycle: ≤10000h

Spray cycle: ≤10000h

Blackboard temperature range: (BPT) 30-90°C±2°C;(BST) 35-95°C±2°C

Display control: 10.4-inch touch screen

Data Output: Digital color display (A4 print in English optional)

Sample holder type: Single

External circulating waterrequirements: Water pressure :140-1345kPa Flow: 1.0L/min

Requirements within therecycled water: High water flow: 0.5L/min

Power supply: AC220V±5% 50Hz 10KW

Dimensions: 1250×830×1800mm

Weight: 350kg



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